Who we are

We are a platform for cooperation among transport, logistics and other industries who are concerned with the ongoing debates on Mobility Package I. We would like our voice to be heard and taken into account while adopting decisions reshaping the future of road transport for many years to come. We call for a safeguarding of EU Single Market and fundamental EU freedoms for EU citizens and businesses, we call for a FREE TRANSPORT FOR EVERYONE.

Debates on “Mobility Package I” in a nutshell

The European Commission has proposed the Mobility Package I on 31 May 2017 aiming to review road transport in terms of social, environmental and technological regulation.

The initial European Commission‘s proposals on Posting of Workers Directive, driving and rest time as well as access to EU market found its way neither in the EU institutions nor among the EU Member States. It has only resulted into divided positions between “old” and “new” members leaving no space for constructive discussion.

Only the European Parliament TRAN committee managed to come to the common position, but it was rejected in the European Parliament’s plenary session only by few votes. Whereas, the Council of the EU is looking forward to adopting the so-called “general approach” in Transport Council (TTE) on 3 December 2018, despite the fruitless debates over the last year.

As the negotiations on “Mobility Package I” are ongoing completely in a political nature, there is a huge risk the final version of the “Mobility Package I” will be opposite to Single Market and free movement of goods and services. Moreover, the alternative proposals that are being presented after rejection in the plenary could cause a disproportionate negative impact on many entities involved in logistic chains, especially located in peripheral EU Member States as well as SME’s.